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Did God really make flys?

It seems the season of the fly has arrived.  They are everywhere and in droves.  It is hard to believe that one very small pest could be so annoying.  I was working in the studio yesterday and my grandson Toston left the door open.  Before I know it I can't even sew there are so many flies sewing with me.  Toston and Grandpa get the salt gun and several fly swatters and got to work. It was quite comical to watch the action, but the end result was worth it.  

The Quilt Art Extravaganza is quickly approaching, hope you will joining us.  Sign up on line at or call the store.  Don't miss the fun.

What's New
 This Christmas panel would be a simple Christmas project or several.  Place mats, pillows, table runners or a simple add borders, quilt done. 

Guide Class- Thurs, Aug 6th, 11-2, no this is not fishing, learn to play on the longarm quilting machine.
Auto Pilot Class- Wed, Aug 12th or 15th, 11-2, Learn to fly the computerized longarm quilting machine, must have completed guide class
Quilt Art Extravaganza, Aug 21-23, sign up for great classes, don't miss the fun. 

Here is a little something for the other little pests, Paul Harvey Mosquito Spray.  Easy to make and use.,fire%20pit%2C%20camping%2C%20kids%20playground.%20Printable%20Recipe%20Card.

Happy Summer,

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