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Oh, Brother Mystery Clue 4 Clarification

Ok, I get that this may have been a little confusing so please let me clarify.

Mystery Quilt Along Clue #4

Scrappy cut forty eight - 2 inch x 21 inch pieces, this will create 5 units when cut.  If you are doing scrappy, you my not have pieces that large.  The  pieces will be cut down to 2 inch x 3 1/2 inch.  Do not cut all the pieces down to size as these will be joined to another piece then cut to size.  

Planned  cut 30- 2 inch x 15 inch pieces from lights and 30 from med/darks.  Each piece that will give you 4 units.

Which ever method you choose be sure to make enough strips to have  240- 2 inch x 3 1/2 inch pieces. DO NOT CUT to size, the strips will be joined to another fabric then cut to size.

Hope this helps, if not call me.  406-594-4872.

Happy Quilting,
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