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Julie's Quilting Love Story

My love of sewing sprang from watching my dad.  He was a hard working carpet installer often bring home scraps of carpet to binding into rugs for his clients.  I would sit with my dad in the evening and visit with him as he hand sewed these pieces.  When he would go looking for his tools  he always came to me, " Julie do you have my scissor?  Julie do you have my thread?"  Never angry, he just knew I would have them.  Sew, my love of sewing began.  Thanks Dad.

Somewhere along the way I joined girl scout and learned how to hand embroider.  My mom couldn't keep me in pillowcases, dish towels or anything I could put a stitch in.  Soon she was bringing home the linens from the church to let me stitch.  Thanks, Mom.

At 13, I paid $20 for a treadle sewing machine that I still have.  I spent my babysitting money on fabric and roller skating.  Made my 1st quilt in 4H and never stopped.

Many project and years later,  quilting brought me through the good times and the bad.  It kept me sane when my kids were teenagers.  It helped me to have busy hand on long lunch hours and waiting a kids ball practices.  It has been a constant companion, one of which I shall never tire.

Teaching quilting was such a gift to me.  I learn far more from my students then any book I could have read.  I have made so many friends along the way.   Scraps of Heaven was the shop Fay and I opened.  It was great joy to bring quilting to so many and to share so may great memories.  Fay and I started teaching for Sue's Sewing Palace the fall of 1998.  I later became the manager at The Palace and continued with my love of sewing.  Thanks Fay, Sue and Jenny.

2018 my adventure changed again.  Donna asked if I would manage the new store that she was opening.  I said yes and here I am.  Thanks Donna

My husband, Wes has supported me through almost all of this, mostly he thinks I am a bit crazy.  He has put up with the sew and quilting, being on his pool table and invading the family room and  taking care of the kids while I ran way to quilt retreats and Tuesday sewing group.  He has followed my crazy dream to have a quilt retreat center as I followed his crazy dream to have a place with room for the horses.  He has hung in there with me for 44 years.  Thanks Wes.  

Have to mention my kids, Patti, Wesley, Michael and Tori, grandsons and one granddaughter.  Love the kids and the two littles that live with us.  Thanks for putting up with me and my quilting crazy.

Thank you to all of you.  You are my constant inspiration.   You keep me going!  I am so grateful for all of you, each and every one has touched my life and made a memory.  Thanks friends. 

Love,  Julie

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