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Happy St. Patrick's Day and Last Quilt-A-Long Clue

Good Morning,  What a beautiful day.  The Sun is shining and it feels like spring.

Classes, Yes, we offer them.  Right now we are asking you to call and arrange for classes that fit your schedule. 
We have many classes to choose from:
    -Guide Class- Learn how to run the hand guided longarm systems
    -Pilot License- Learn how to fly the computerize longarm systems ( requires prior guide class)
    -Ruler work -  Find out what all the excitement is about with rules.
    -Appliquilt-  Applique on the longarm? Yes you can, also applies to home machine.
    -Advanced Auto Pilot classes-  Level 1, 2 and 3
 Is there a class you are interested in?  Give Julie a call and let's see if we can do that, 406-594-4872.

Check out the exciting classes coming this summer with Julia Quiltoff and October with Mattie from QuiltSmart.

Last Clue
Thank you to all of you that have followed along with this Quilt-A-Long.  It has been fun and hope to see pictures of your quilts.

Do I or don't put a border on this project?  Frankly, this quilt would be fabulous either way.  The reasons you may want to add a border or borders is to make the quilt larger or to square it up.

Before you get ready to quilt your quilt or add borders it is a good idea to measure the quilt.  Even though the pattern gives you measurements that the quilt should be yours may be different.  We all sew a little different from each other.  Some seam allowance are bigger of small, pressing make a difference also.

To measure your top, measure the quilt 3 times in one direction.  Measure the center, write it down, measure on one side, not on the edge (write it down), then repeat on the opposite side.  Take the average of these measurements and that will be the length cut for the borders,  for example if the top to bottom center measures  60 1/2", 60" top and 60 1/4" bottom the average would be 60 1/4" .  You would then cut the top and bottom border 60 1/4".

Sew the borders on and repeat the process to determine the length of the side borders.  If adding more then one border you should remeasure for each additional border.  This helps to square up you quilt and keeps the borders from growing.  If you just sew the borders on without measuring they tend to grow and get wavy making it more difficult to quilt.

If you are not adding borders you may still want to measure your quilt to make sure it is not to far off.  You would hate to trim off to much when done quilting.  If there is a great discrepancy in size you may want to add a border or several to help square your quilt.

Thanks again, couldn't do this if you didn't participate.

Join us today at 4:30 for Facebook Live.

Happy Quilting,

Donna, Julie, Ellzie & Janet
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